Offers effective control against various insects pests, including Japanese Beetles, Whiteflies, Mealy Bugs, Armyworms, Hornworms, Leafhoppers, Bagworms, Leafminers, Psyllids, Fruit Flies, Loopers, Budworms, Aphids, Scales, Caterpillars, Midges, Budworms and Mites.



Formulated to prevent and control various fungal diseases, including Black Spot on roses, Powdery Mildew, Downy Mildew, Anthracnose, Rust Leaf Spot, Botrytis, Needle Rust, Scab, and Flower, Twig and Tip Blight.



Controls Spider Mites and may be used on all roses, flowers, houseplants, ornamental trees and shrubs, and fruits and vegetables grown in and around the home and home garden.

Neem Oil NeemNim (100ml)


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